Advisory Services
Every employer must by law nominate a “Competent Person” to help them manage health and safety. If there is nobody on the staff with the requisite abilities, why not ask us how we can fulfil the Competent Person role for you? Even if all you need is one visit a year plus the ability to pick up the phone or e-mail a query, we can help.

What we do:

Our aim is to help you say YES and to achieve your business goals safely. We do not support those who use health and safety as a means to prohibit everything.
  • We keep it simple
  • We explain it clearly and write it concisely
  • We guide, help and reassure you
  • We won’t advise you to do anything unnecessary
  • We advise on the best route to effective compliance with the law and the achievement of high standards


  • Advisory ServicesOngoing health and safety assistance to keep you legal
  • Prompt help when you have a problem -
  • When you are visited by the Enforcement Officer, e.g.:
    • Health & Safety Executive
    • Environmental Health
    • Fire Authority
    • Petroleum Licensing Officer
  • When you get an official letter, improvement notice or prohibition notice
  • When an accident happens
  • When you move premises, expand or develop a new operation
  • When you simply don’t have the time